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Friday, April 8th, 2005
5:14 pm
I am sick, cold n flu, hate to be sick!!
Im spending my spring break with a friend, so I dont have to stay alone In campus like the first break.
Yay! playing a lot play station2, hanging at the south of Vermont and also during the journey, I saw Stowe, is one of the towns I have heard and when I saw it , I LOVE IT!!! Its beautiful!! I will say one thing that Johnson doesnt have, STOWE HAS LIFE!!! theres a few latinos! and I would love to hang out with one too!! LATINOS ROCK MY WORLD!!!
Also I went to a Mexican Restaurant, hmm, i will say later the town, i dont remember,maybe Middlebury? and when I saw that restaurant , I was hoping to see some latinos. None! I was upset, it was like any other, only the spanish food, and there were a huge mature group at one table, like 10? talking and laughing loud, Im almost swear a dirty spanish word to them, like SHUT UP YOU PUTOS LAME CULOS !! and the fun is that I sayed a lot of spanish swearings with my friend and they shut up LOL. (only for 2 minutes)

Im so crazy to finish this last semester in this college and leave! the people there are very crazy, ignorant and double personalities! they play like inocent people but inside they just want to mess with you.
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
3:27 pm
Stucked in campus for the break
Today is when all the students comes back and by tomorrow classes, wow, already back from break.
Yeap, i have been here for the whole break, so sad that friday or saturday i couldnt get out with the bus, no bus for the break, says Cristal, and i was like :(

I decided to stay here so i can work and get more hours at the martinett office, and too bad that i couldnt make it, it suppose to work at least tuesday and wednesday,..guess what... :( they only hired me for friday morning. and thats not all, my schedule time is always friday noon, from 12 to 4, and i finish till 1pm and when i wanted to work on my time, there were someone else working in that time, i ask them if they need me, they said no, of course, she was there working, it was very rude and mean!.

I have been thinking that is all about favoritism, if the employer is very nice, talkish and caring, they would consider her more than the one that is usually quiet even if she work more than the nicest one. thats why the nicest gets more money doing less, and guess what, the quieter is me.

I have 2 jobs in campus and Im looking for the third.

This suite has been very quiet for the whole break, I was the only one in the suite, so I borrowed some cds from my friend and a laptop from academic support, so I can manage with the silence.

then I went to grand union, buyed some good food, every night I see a movie, put my music really high, because during the semester, i couldnt put the volume high because the people living down my floor, they bother it and make sounds from the roof to my floor, like saying, hey shut that off!!

thats why I want to finish this semester, so I can go, and find a nice apartment and put my volume whatever I like, my kitchen and stuff, without worrying if anyone could see me in a towel, in pajamas like here, that boys and girls are everywhere.

during the break, I also went to the Gym, that was the coolest part!! I spent like 2 hours and a half and I felt great!!
so tomorrow is classes already, wow, now I feel with no mood of studying again!!
2:06 pm
What is happening with this journal, that they cant let me leave any message huh??
and i have to write it all over again!!
let me see, if i can wrote it again.....

im so mad crazy to finish this semester, i have been stuck here for a month and its driving me nuts!!

Johnson state college sucks!! bad service, i had a broken plump in my room, flooded water, and they want me to pay $480 for keeping my room as single!! why!!!!($2,000 for double room) i dont have anything else but this room, if we had new stowe, that would be ok, but why adding more money if its nothing new here?????

and i feel antisocial, most of the people are weird and they look at you, like they hate you or something!

i miss the city, maybe it would be nice to go to new york, i feel like home, of course! theres a lot of puerto ricans like Bronx, and also.........TASTY FOOD!! because here is all pastas and more pastas!!
pastas shit!!! DAMN!!!!

I miss so terribly my rice with beans and stake!! Im the best chef ever!!!
mmm, if Stearns let me cook there, ha! i could have all the students crazy eating only what i cook! ha!! sunny rules, aramark drules!

i dont know what the heck they dont make good rice, is pretty simple, just add salt with olive oil, water and some onions to make it testier and cooking with low fire.

and the meat, the secret is lime! yeah!! the lime is very good with meat and fish, to make a sushi, they use lime, because it cook it and tastes juicy.
so if you want to eat crab, i always use lime, mmm!! mm!! mm!! and with ribs!! with lime!!! and barbecue honey sauce!!! arggggg!!!!!
Saturday, January 29th, 2005
3:54 am
z z Zz z
i just wanted to open this account journal, before i get some good sleep, a few hours ago, at 9pm i went to the blowout party with the best dj's. It was pretty good, i didnt dance because i didnt like that much the people there, bunch of weirdos, lil slu.. who.. girls, (eww)just went there to hear some music, a french vanilla coffee with cookies and chocolate and thats it. I didnt like much the people in there, crazy freshmens!!!
went off, saw random anime movies with a friend and joke around and nice chat.
and then went back at 12, when she receive a call from her bf, and so leave her privacy ;)
go again to the baselodge party, less people, still good music, maybe shake a leg hahaha.

still it was pretty nasty, there was a few hot loving couples that cant stop kissing and hugging, lil bi&@!
they look like their dancing Lambada or something, shit!! ewwwwwwwww
and the ones dancing, drinking a lot of coca cola, crazy world!!
Z z Z z z z ok, times out!!

Current Mood: sleepy
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